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I strive to create professional real estate videos that will assist in selling a home. Before I begin, I meet with the agent to go over all the details and ensure I am capturing exactly what they envision. I want your real estate promotional products to be cutting-edge and effective. Let us connect to help sell your real estate listing.



Your images will be MLS ready for your listing. I can capture the functional imagery you need as well as more visually engaging content shots for social media.


Cinematic Real Estate Video

Video is this most effective content type in today's digital marketing environment. Videos provide consumers with more of a story and an emotional connection.


I offer custom video production for Real Estate. From music selection to editing style, every detail will be created to best showcase your property. A 2 to 4 minute dynamic cinematic experience is the most effective way to create strong engagement and generate leads.  An aesthetic Instagram account will help you attract the attention of young adults. 


Fully Customizable

360° Virtual Tour

There’s no way around it: COVID-19 is changing the way real estate agents across the country conduct business. With social distancing in full effect and shelter-in-place orders sweeping the nation, real estate professionals are hastening to find new ways to keep their business moving forward.


Open houses have long been an advantageous tool for generating buyer interest, but now that the doors to listings have been closed to large groups, agents are turning to technology.


Virtual 3D real estate tours are not new, but they’re gaining a lot of traction now that COVID-19 has limited real estate professionals’ ability to market and show properties. If you’re a real estate agent who hasn’t started to incorporate technology into your business model, now’s the time to start learning how.


(NEW!) 3D Floor Layout

Add a beautiful 3D layout on to your Virtual Tour with matching furniture and flooring.

Drone Photography/Footage INCLUDED!

Aerial photography offers a drastically different perspective than the one you get from shooting on the ground. Some of the most iconic images in history have been taken from the air.


Aerial video and photography are the new standards for high-end real estate marketing. The way a home is presented plays a very important role in capturing the interests of potential home buyers. With aerial real estate photography and videography, you can capture the architectural elegance of your property as well as the surrounding landscape and greenery.


Enjoy your peace of mind and confidence when booking drone services with me as I am fully licensed and approved by Transport Canada, ensuring that my services are legal, safe, and professional. I take safety and legal requirements just as seriously as I do the beauty and visual appeal of the marketing materials I produce for your property.​


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July 2nd, 2020
July 14th, 2020

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